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Find your ideal weight that is sustainable, easy and natural


Better relationship with self so that you can nourish your body and eat/move without overthinking it and staying consistent.


Treat your vessel with love, compassion and respect so that you are able to be more connect to all that you desire

Get supported on connecting to your soul and increase your relationship with your body; emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Are you ready to break free from STRESSED Eating?

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How often do you reach for food when you feel down?  The moment you feel sad or even bored you eat? Your left feeling bad, guilty or shame. You ask yourself, "How do I stop?"

Well,  P - A - U - S - E! You don't have to continue to live this way. Grab your FREE Cheat Sheet when you feel TRIGGERED. It is a 5 Step Process to Break Free from Stressed Eating so that you find peace..

With this Reference Card you will receive a 5 day Free Training so that you get the most out of the 5 Steps. Enjoy!!


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I am passionate about helping you create peace with food so that you stop hating your body and self sabotaging your health. Through a process of mind body connection and intuitive cues to reduce stress, binge & overeating. Most importantly GUILT.

I focus on a non diet approach, half on nutrition and half on you as the eater, so that you can reconnect to a natural way of eating so that you listen to your fullness and hunger cues. Embrace food and the enjoyment of eating again. 

Hannah Hipps

Therapeutic Approach Includes:

  • Individual & Group Programs

  • Mind Body Nutrition 

  • Dynamic Eating Psychology

  • Meal Plans

  • Intuitive Body Readings

  • Yoga / Meditation Instruction

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