Overcome Emotional Eating through a Mind Body Approach

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Are you ready to break free from Emotional (aka binge, bored, stressed, zombie, mindless, unconscious, compulsion, sleep) Eating?

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How often do you reach for food when you feel down?  The moment you feel sad or even bored you eat? Then you feel bad, embarrassed or ashamed. You say, I did it again.


You know that you shouldn't be emotionally eating, but you do it anyway because it is easier to give in. You hate yourself for this.

Stop and P - A - U - S - E! You don't have to continue to live this way. Grab your FREE Cheat Sheet when you feel TRIGGERED. It is a 5 Step Process to Break Free from Emotional Eating so that you find peace with yourself.

With this Reference Card you will receive a 5 day Free Training to to get the most out of the 5 Steps. Enjoy!!

Hey friend!


Is your Emotional Eating effecting your life?

You feel ashamed, embarrassed and bad about yourself so that you hide it from everyone.


You are eating too much so that you are gaining weight.

What you really want is a better relationship with food so that you can find your ideal weight and staying there is natural and easy.

You want different coping mechanism rather than looking for comfort with food so that you can improve your health and have the energy to do the things you want!


I hear you! I understand you!

If this is you, you are in the right place!

Hannah Hipps

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