3 Simple Tips for Weight Loss

August 14, 2018



What do you think of when you hear weight loss? I always thought of low fat, eat less, exercise more and restrict calories. Take out all the bad foods and ONLY eat healthy. That is exactly what I did. I followed this plan to a T.


I am not going to lie, I lost weight...a lot of weight, but it was not sustainable. I was left feeling tired, weak, constipated and just plain hungry. 


I didn't realize I was deficient in so many ways. Deficient in calories, fat, protein, nutrients and most of all pleasure. I was starving and I had no idea what it meant to listen to my body. I lost total control over my ability to know when I was truly hungry or full (my appetite regulation was all out of wack...have you ever gone to sleep hungry? You know what I mean then).


I had so many rules. Rules when I could eat. Rules of what I could eat. Rules of how much I could eat. I counted calories, weighed myself and worked out a ton.  To say the least it was tiring. 


I knew this way of living was not sustainable. Deep down I knew there had to be a better way, my body was craving for something different. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know where to begin. So, for a while I didn't do much of anything, I gained weight and felt fluffy. I still worked out a lot, but my eating habits were not the best. I would have a ton of moments of weakness that lead to binges (ice cream & candy please). I could not control myself, it was like a force would come over me and I no longer was in charge. After these binges (which happened all the time) I was left feeling really embarrassed, guilty and ashamed.


I got serious about my health. I started to read a lot of books and learned so much about nutrition and the importance of "REAL" food, not low calorie, low fat. low sugar processed foods (that is what my diet mainly consisted of).


Even though I read a lot and learned a lot I still was having a hard time letting go of the guilt, my beliefs around food and all the food rules. Those are so hard to let go of because they become so a part of us. (We have to relearn nutrition)


I know what you are thinking..."I can't let go of my control or I will lose control." Well, sorry to say the more control you think you have the less you actually have. I know I know, that is not so fun to hear, but stay with me here.


Once I let go of all my rules and learned about Eating Psychology and started focusing on me as the eater, my food story changed. Oh did it change! I started to relax around food and I have way more fun with food than I have ever had in the past. 


It is about us as the eater as well as the food we eat... we need to look at the WHAT, WHEN and HOW  we eat . All of these are very important and impact our metabolism. I mean, that is what we want, a healthy metabolism, right? That is what is going to help us reach our potential and weight we most desire (or at least love where we are).


I wrote a free guide that has more in depth steps to help you lose weight, stop binge eating and so much more. You will have a better understanding of where to start. This guide is all about helping you keep eating simple by looking at the what, when and how  to eat. Eating should not be complicated because if it is we are left confused and defeated we are back where we started. No wonder we can never to stick to a diet long term.


My relationship with food has transformed in so many ways:

I am less stressed


More satisfied

Less moody

More confident

More energy

and most importantly LESS GUILTY!!


I want that for you. You deserve to be happy, confident and have a body you love.


Lots of Love,

Hannah Hipps


Want to learn more? Click below to grab your FREE Guide, "3 Simple Tips to Weight Loss" Enjoy!!


 There is more! If you are serious about loving your body grab your free guide, 3 Steps to a body you Love. I know you want weight loss, I know you want to like your body and the way to a body you love is through your mind. Yes, you heard me, you have to change your thoughts around your body. Check it out!! Click below for your free guide.






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