How your body responds to a Digestive Break

March 30, 2019

I started doing this and my body feels amazing...


I give my digestive system a good 12 - 13 hours between dinner and breakfast. It could be called intermittent fasting, but I am not labeling it as that. I am not putting strict time guidelines on my eating, but following my bodies cues of what feels good. And yes, there is a rhythm to it.


I noticed when I stopped eating after dinner and did not eat anything else, I was falling asleep and waking up better.


BTW, I wasn’t strict or rigid around this. I didn’t tell myself, I am going to stop eating at XX time and that’s that. It was more of I liked the way I felt when I stop eating between 6 and 7 pm.


This became pretty easy for me because I started to consuming most of my calories the first half of the day. My breakfast (between 7 - 8 am) and lunch (between 12 - 1 pm) are bigger with a large portion of protein and fat with carbs of course (I’m not scared. LOL)


Dinner is not my biggest meal, but how often is it? We wait all day to eat dinner and it doesn’t stop after dinner. We end up eating dessert or snacks up until bedtime.


The thing is our digestive system and metabolism are starting to shut down during the evening hours. If we are eating a large meal right before bed our body is unable to restore, repair and rest. This is the main reason why we feel tired, groggy and not hungry in the morning.


So, we wait to eat until later and the cycle happens all over again.


I know what it feels like to have a food hangover in the AM. (That is what it feels like, am I right?) No way do you want to eat.


I encourage you to try to finish eating earlier in the evening. Give your digestive system what it needs, REST (not to digest food).


Trust me when I say you will feel lighter, happier and more energized in the AM. And you will want to eat breakfast, which I am a big believer in.


The benefits of giving your digestive system a break: (not the reason why I started, but nice side effects)

→ Weight loss

→ Fat burning

→ Reversing type 2 diabetes

→ Improved mental clarity

→ Increased Energy

→ Better regularity


When your body has an eating rhythm it can relax. This is what we want for our body, relaxation. We are often in a stressed state, which turns off digestion, slows down metabolism and decreases calorie burning.


Watch the video to hear all about it.


Let me know your thoughts on a Digestive System BREAK.


Shining Light,

Hannah Hipps


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