Food addiction - What's really happening?

June 18, 2019 addiction...munching...grazing...snacking


It’s hard to stop. Eating gives you temporary happiness that turns into shame and disappointment later.


We fill ourselves up with food emotionally and physically.


There is definitely an emotional side to this, but there is also a nutritional side (the what, when and how you eat).


Our body is constantly looking for nutrients because it wants to survive! If we are not feeding our body enough real food (aka nutrients) it is going to search for more and that can result in







Our body is stressed when it is not getting the nutrients it needs and feels like it is on a desert island.


Yes, food can be eaten for pleasure and pure enjoyment, but we also need to feed it real whole foods for nutrients.


What this does is allows our body to RELAX so that we feel satisfied, healthier and can handle our emotions better.


When the body is stressed we tend to reach for the foods that are not the healthiest. (sweet/salty/processed) which just feeds the vicious cycle of stress and binge eating. This makes us feel like we are addicted to food, but we are addicted to the high we feel with food substances (processed man made food). We can’t be addicted to whole foods that come from the earth because our body’s regulation system turns on and we will stop eating when we had enough.


You don't have to take away anything just add more nutrients into your diet so that you can reduce your intense cravings and can eat fun foods for pure enjoyment!


There are ways you can support your body, I take whole food capsules that are filled with fruits, veggies, berries and Omegas to help fill in the gap and flood my body with as much nutrients as possible. Because when we fill our body with what it needs it craves more whole foods.


Don't you want to support your body so that you can handle life / emotions / improve your health?


P.S We have to look at both Nutrition and Psychology  so that we improve our relationship with food.💓


I work with women with both nutrition, psychology and body intelligence to break free from emotional eating so that they can enjoy life, themselves and food.


Want to work with me? Apply for a FREE Bust out of Binge Eating Mini Sesh. Click here!!


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