Do this, to have the body you want NOW

August 30, 2018


The #1 thing you can do to have the body you want, right now!


Think about this for a minute, who do you want to be when you


Lose weight

Have the body you want

Stop yo yo dieting

Stop binge eating

Stop feeling guilty, terrible and bad every time you eat

Stop feeling out of control with food?


I know you have thought about it before. I am sure it looks like this:


When I lose weight I will


Feel sexier

Be more confident

Fit and look better in my clothes

Be the real me

Be more outgoing

Be more attractive


The list could go on and on


You spend countless hours focusing on what you don’t like about yourself and spend even more time trying to change your body. You try this diet or that program or this exercise without ever getting the results you want (happiness etc).


You wait and wait and wait to have what you really want (a body you love) Well, waiting does not guarantee you success. You are just putting off your happiness, confidence, and the real you.


I say Stop Waiting. Don’t waste another minute.


What if I said, you could be happy, sexy, outgoing etc right now? Now, that sounds intriguing doesn’t it?


Here is the MAGIC step that can change everything for you.


Achieve the END RESULT now.


Yep, you heard me right. Instead of waiting for all those amazing things to happen when you lose the unwanted pounds (BTW when will that be?) start feeling, doing and be that person now.


Take a moment and think about the future you.


How does she feel?

How does she act?

How does she see her body?

What does she look like?

How is she going to be different?


Do you even know the answer? If not, start envisioning who she is. Write down everything about her.


Can you begin to see her?


Once you have her in your mind, can you start being her?


**If you want to be more confident then start acting more confident


**If you want to be happy then start doing things that make you happy, so you are happy


**If you want to be sexier then start feeling sexier. What gets you in your body that makes you feel sexy? Do those things? If you don’t know what that is then start experimenting.


**If you want to be the real you then start acting like the real you.


You might be thinking, how the heck do I do this? Write down a list of activities, places, things that make you feel confident, attractive, in your body, happy etc.


And, spend time everyday dreaming about your future self, feel her, see her and then take all those feelings and put them into action.


This has far been the most powerful tool for me in my journey. Every time I think, I will be happy when… I automatically stop myself and tell myself, I can be happy now. What can I do right now that will make me feel happy.


You have to start by knowing the feeling of your future self. Do this by doing the things that make you feel the way you want to feel.


Let’s say you, want to start a dance, yoga or any other class, when you lose a few pounds. Well start going to them now. Get out of your comfort zone and just do it.


By achieving your end result now, you are embodying the person you are waiting to be. You don’t have to wait to have the body you want. It is already available to you.


Honestly, who says you will be happy when _______(fill in the blank). Will you know when you get there? Will you be able to stay happy? It is hard to say, but think of how much happier, confident or whatever else you will be if you are already happy and you lose a few pounds.Those extra pounds are just a bonus now, not the end all be all.


You have the choice to be happy in this moment as well as in the future.


Today, write down your future self and then write down ways you can start incorporating her into your life. You don’t have to do it all at once, but trickle her in and you will soon be the person you want to be and on your way to a body you love.


Lots of Love,

Hannah Hipps


Start the work from the inside out. Grab your free guide, 3 Steps to a body you love.


About Hannah


Hi! I’m Hannah Hipps an Eating Psychology Coach, Yoga Instructor, a mom to 1, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend.


I was an athlete and collegiate volleyball player. My struggles with food almost made me lose my scholarship. I was so obsessed with a strict low calorie/low fat diet and extreme workouts that I was left weak and tired.


Food no longer has control over my life; I feel more satisfied, have more energy and am overall happier.


I am dedicated to help you take stress out of eating and nourish your way into a body you love.


We are more than our body, but it seems to get in the way of our goals, happiness, and living our truth. By combining psychology, nutrition and yoga you receive a well rounded program that heals your relationship with food and body. It is not always about the food when it comes to our weight, body image, or diet, but who are we as an eater? There is always a deeper lesson in our struggles.


I encourage you to step in and break down the old beliefs that keep you stuck in the dieting rut and trapped in a body you don’t like. My approach is gentle, but practical Get ready to be inspired, encouraged and loved.












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