Holiday Series: Day 1

December 10, 2018

 Day 1: Stress vs. Relaxed Eating


We are stressed and are eating under stress!  We may not even realize what we are doing. Let’s first explain what stress is; it is any real or imagined threat to the body and the body responds to that threat. Mind - physiology - digestion


Your body does not the difference between stresses. It is all the same to our physiology. Running from a lion, work, family life, eating fast, multitasking while eating, negative self talk is all the same in the body.


When we are stressed our blood rushes to our arms and legs away from our digestive system, so in return our:

  • digestive system shuts off

  • metabolism slows down (because it has to store energy)

  • calorie burning capacity slows down (have to keep all calories to survive)

  • kills gut bacteria

  • discrete nutrition and minerals

  • increase insulin and cortisol which signals the body to store weight and fat (survival response, lack of food).


So, when we eat under stress it negates any positive nutrition practices. It does not matter what you have on your plate, if you are eating under stress your body can’t absorb the nutrients from it.


Focus on relaxed eating. Our body is in its most natural state, so digestion turns on, calorie burning capacity increases, metabolism speeds up, the body is able to absorb nutrients, build muscle and assimilate food with ease.


How to shift into a relaxed state.


Breathe- take a few deep breaths anytime, especially before, during and after you eat. This automatically shifts your body into a relaxed state.


When you are at holiday gatherings practice breathing, coming to your senses, literally. Focus on what you see, hear, taste, smell, feel. When you walk in a room or before you eat. Put yourself in a relaxed state. This will help you stay present and more relaxed.


Affirmation: I relax and let life flow me with ease.


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