Holiday Series: Day 2

December 10, 2018


Day 2: Slow Down


We live in a fast world and I am going to say slow is the new sexy! What happens when we slow down? We are more present, aware and calm.


It is not always easy to slow down, but when we do we actually get more done.


How fast do you eat? Do you eat while standing up, on the move, driving or in front of the tv? Eating fast turns on our stress response, which then shuts down our digestive system, decreases our metabolism and calorie burning capacity.


For your next meal, remove all distractions (phone, tv, book, work) and practice eating slow and mindfully.


The reason for this is because it takes time for our digestive system to analyze the food. It has to absorb nutrients, eliminate toxins and then tell our brain when we are finished or need more. This whole process takes 20 min. 


Think of it this way, when we slow down we can become more mindful and present. Have a good conversation, be in a relaxed environment, like day 1 bring your senses into the eating experience. See, taste, smell, hear (what’s happening around you), feel your food (how does it feel in your mouth or in your body).


By slowing down you will reduce bloating, indigestion or any other digestive issue. (Total bonus points)


How to slow down:




Put your fork down from time to time.


Pay attention to chewing and tasting your food.


Add 5 minutes to your meal


You know when you drink a good glass of wine or a decadent dessert, how you savor it. Do this when you eat any food. You may even realize some foods you don’t really like. Give yourself time.


Slowing down puts your body in a relaxed state, which turns on your digestive system, calorie burning and increases your metabolism!


Affirmation: I am safe, I relax and let life flow joyously.


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