Holiday Series: Day 5

December 10, 2018

 Day 5: Forgiveness and Compassion


This time of year we spend a lot of time with family and how often do old wounds pop up? How can we forgive people in our life including ourselves? It is a stressor to have forgiveness towards someone. It stops the energy from flowing and this series has been all about moving into a state of ease and relaxation.


We find faults in people we love, but this year what if you see people for who they really are, human. Create a little more compassion for yourself and everyone you come into contact with. We don’t know their whole story, what they have been through or what is going on with them in their own internal world.


What to do


If you notice your blood boiling or you are have judgments on someone. Stop and ask yourself these 4 questions:


Is it true?

Can I know for sure it is true?

How do I feel/act when I have these thoughts?

How would I feel/act if I did not think these thoughts? And if you did not have those thoughts or judgments who would you see? 


Are you willing to let go of this thought?


This can be such a tough thing to do, but very helpful. Do you have any lingering experiences, people or thoughts you can forgive in your life?Take some time to forgive. It is the past. It is gone. How can you have more compassion going forward?


This is about love. Love heals and love puts you in a relaxed state, which puts your body in the optimal health. This is what we need during this time of year.


Stay true to yourself. If you feel like your emotions are taking over, take a step back. Literally. Take a moment to clear yourself and come back. You are allowed to feel good during this time of year. You are your own being and you have to care for your soul, which means have compassion, love and honor your body wisdom.


We are all on a journey and we don’t know where people are in their own journey. Have compassion for yourself and others. Isn’t that what it is about? You can be the change. You can create your own world. You can feel the way you want. You are the only one responsible for yourself. we choose how we react to people or situations. Ultimately it is up to us to stay aligned, happy and feeling the way we want. We are responsible for ourselves. This is empowering!


Affirmation: I forgive others. I forgive myself. I am free to love and enjoy life.


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