How to deepen your relationship with your body

November 13, 2018


What we imagine about our body we believe is true, but that is exactly what it is OUR IMAGINATION. Body image is how we imagine our body, which affects us in so many ways; how we eat, exercise and live our life. This is all because of the way we THINK our body looks.


The cool thing is we can change our imagination, our thoughts and our beliefs. We don’t have believe every thought or  get stuck in the stories we tell ourselves. Where do these stores come from anyway; a past event, our childhood, media? There are so many reasons why we picture our body to be a certain way.


We are constantly told we are not good enough, pretty enough or lovable because we don’t have a certain body shape,  but these are all lies that culture tells us. Who is to say we are not exactly how we need to be right now.


Because of this how often do we hold ourselves back from being ourselves, loving our body, or speaking our truth?


What are some of the thoughts, beliefs and stories that run through our head?


I will be happy when I lose 10 lbs.

I will be my true self when I look a certain way

I am good all day and get worse as the day goes on

I am fat.

Nobody will love me.

I am not attractive or sexy if I look a certain way


The stories just keep coming, right? But, these beliefs hold us back from living and actually loving ourselves.


We can love ourselves right now as we are. We don’t have to change a thing about our body, but we do have to change the stories, thoughts and beliefs.


We have to reimagine our body.

We have to move from conditional love to unconditional love of the body.

We have to get in our body and out of our head.

We have to embrace the natural expression of the body, emotions, movement, sensations, nuances and desires

We have to move from Hate (stress) to Love (relaxation)


We wait and wait and wait to be our true self because we think we need to look a certain way. Well, you don’t. We can love ourselves as we are, which also means we can shapeshift our body.

Here are 3 ways to begin to love your body:


  1. De-Number - Let go of the scale, counting calories or fat grams, food measuring or anything that has to do with measuring success or failure with a number.

    1. All of these techniques take us out of our body. These are outside forces that are telling us if we are good or bad, but honestly we need to start listening to our body wisdom (inside out).

  2. Slowing up - Become a slow eater. Be more mindful in your  day to day activities. Become present and aware while you eat, move and live.

    1. Meaning, take away all distractions while you eat (phone, tv, computer, emails), pay full attention on seeing, tasting and smelling your food. Take your time, even if it is only for a few minutes.

  3. Nourishment - Feel alive with your meals. Eat foods that bring you pleasure and nourish your body.

    1. Take more time with food and create an inviting & relaxing environment. Start to relax around food. Release the guilt, stress and anxiety around eating by eating out of the pure enjoyment of eating, not worrying about the calories or fat?

    2. By taking more time you are giving your body time to absorb nutrients and recognize that it is receiving all that it needs. You will then be able to notice when you are full or if you need to keep eating.


All of these takes practice and they might seem so simple, which they are, but they can be challenging. Be patient with yourself because being in your body is about noticing what is happening in your body. This is why giving yourself time is so valuable.


Once you begin to slow down, tune in and nourish your body you will have more self awareness and feel better about yourself. These are the steps to take to a body you love, my friend.


Lots of Love,



Want more? Check out my free guide, 3 Steps to a Body you Love. 




Hannah Hipps is an Eating Psychology Coach, Yoga Instructor and mom to 1.


She was a collegiate athlete and had her ups and downs with her diet and body. After having her son  she had a slow recovery  and  her body changed (physically and mentally).


Creating more self love and care has become her mission because we all deserve to be in a body we love. She takes the stress, guilt and confusion out of eating. She makes eating full of ease and grace with Mind Body Nutrition, Dynamic Eating Psychology and yoga strategies.

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