3 Ways to Increase your Metabolism

April 9, 2019


You can increase your metabolism without changing what you eat.


All you have to do is change the way you eat. 




So, let's jump right in. (Watch the video)


1. Stressed Vs. Relaxed Eating  - Stress has a huge part in how our body digests and assimilates food. We are constantly eating under stress and we don't even realize it.


Stress can look like:

> Eating fast

> Multitasking

> Negative thoughts

> Family Stress

> Work Stress

> Relationship Stress


Stress shuts down our digestive system, slows down our metabolism and calorie burning capacity. Our body is ONLY focused on SURVIVAL.


When we move into RELAXED Eating the digestive system turns on, metabolism increases, calorie burning capacity increases and we can absorb the nutrients from our food. This is what we want when we eat.


How to incorporate relaxed eating:

> Give yourself more time

> Focus on eating - put phone away, turn tv off

> Bring senses into the eating experience - taste, smell, how does it feel in your body?


2. Eating Rhythm - Life is a rhythm and so is our eating. When we align with nature and create a consistent schedule for eating our body can RELAX. I like to think of following the sun.


> Eat a 1-2 hours after waking up

> 12 pm the Sun is at it's highest and so is your metabolism - Eat Lunch

> 2 pm metabolism decreases and body naturally wants to rest

> 5 pm metabolism increases again - Eat Dinner

> 8 pm Sun is going down and so is your metabolism - your body is getting ready to rest, repair and relax



3. Eating Speed - How fast are you eating? Slowing down allows us to be present, aware and puts your body in a relaxed state, which turns on your digestive system.  Eating fast puts your body in a stressed state. 


How to slow down your eating:

> Take 5 - 10 breaths before and after you eat

> Take breaks while you eat


Lately I have been sitting after my meals and noticing how the food feels in my body. What this does is turns on our body wisdom. We are able to listen to our body to know if it full or still hunger. Give yourself time to be present with your food.


All of these lead back to a relaxed state because that is where our body is happiest.


Give these tips a try and let me know what you think.


Shining Light,

Hannah Hipps


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