How to improve body image

August 23, 2018


The more I fall in love with my body the more I like being in my body.


What does having good body image actually mean, anyway? It means to accept, acknowledge and have compassion for your body right now. Not when you lose weight or fit into a size X, but as you are reading this right now.


I don't think I really knew the meaning of unconditional love until I had a child and I am talking about unconditional love for my body (and of course my son too. Lol)


I had these expectations for myself and I felt like I was always striving for them, but not truly being where I am.


This would make me feel defeated  and almost like I was a spectator of my body, rather than living inside it.


I felt like I could not relax and was self conscious.


I mean,  how often do we do this? We act differently because we don't feel like our body's _______(fill in the blank...skinny,  beautiful, perfect etc)


What I am trying to say is, the more I work on loving my body and work on improving my body image the more confident I am.


I started wearing shorter shorts, tighter shirts and am happy to wear bathing suits no matter how I might feel about myself in the moment. Love wins.


My body might not have changed,  but my thoughts around my body have and in turn my body has changed. (Wrap your mind around that one)


We become so attached to what we think our body should look like, but if we can  love our body as it is we can accept we are exactly where we need to be. What is our poor body image telling us? What do we need to learn from this experience? What do we need to work on? (hint: our thoughts!!)


Let go of the fear, shame and judgment around your body. Plain and's holding you back from the body you love.


Body image is our perception of the way we see our body, so what if we changed our perception?


Loving our body has nothing to do with our body, but has everything to do with our thoughts about our body.


Lots of Love,



P.S If you are ready to work on improving your body image and really begin to take steps into a body you love, I got you. I created a FREE guide just for you! 3 Steps to a body you Love. Click below and start your body  love journey!



Hi! I’m Hannah Hipps an Eating Psychology Coach, Yoga Instructor, a mom to 1, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend.


I was an athlete and collegiate volleyball player. My struggles with food almost made me lose my scholarship. I was so obsessed with a strict low calorie/low fat diet and extreme workouts that I was left weak and tired.


Food no longer has control over my life; I feel more satisfied, have more energy and am overall happier.


I am dedicated to help you take stress out of eating and nourish your way into a body you love.


We are more than our body, but it seems to get in the way of our goals, happiness, and living our truth. By combining psychology, nutrition and yoga you receive a well rounded program that heals your relationship with food and body. It is not always about the food when it comes to our weight, body image, or diet, but who are we as an eater? There is always a deeper lesson in our struggles.


I encourage you to step in and break down the old beliefs that keep you stuck in the dieting rut and trapped in a body you don’t like. My approach is gentle, but practical Get ready to be inspired, encouraged and loved.


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